The Drafting program at the Barnwell County Career Center is designed to prepare a student to use the specialized tools and equipment to produce technical drawings which graphically represent the ideas of their designers.

Successful completion of the drafting program will provide the basic training needed for the student to prepare himself/herself for a career as a drafter, technician, engineer, architect, or designer.


Students apply designing skills
in the CAD laboratory.








§ Drafting equipment
§ Safety
§ Sketching
§Assembly drawings
§ Building codes
§ Cost planning

§ Material requirements
§ Detail drawings
§ Multiview drawings
§ Scales
§ Measuring
§ AutoCAD
§ Co-op Education


6170  Drafting I (Grades 10, 11)

    Drafting is essential to any career field dealing with building or manufacturing where information is given with drawings.  A beginning drafting student receives instruction in the following areas:  measurements, blueprint reading, geometric constructions, multiview drawings, pictorial drawings, freehand sketching, related math, and graphic design.  Most instruction is given on CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems.  AutoCad software is used for most applications.   The student is introduced to 3D drawings on a limited basis in visualization training.  Field trips and guest speakers are included when possible.  First year of a two year program.  (2 credits)

Prerequisite:  Completion of Algebra I or Math for the Technologies I

6171  Drafting II (Grades 11, 12)

    The second year drafting course gives the student the opportunity to make practical applications of skills learned in the first year.  The course consists of three (3) basic sections:  1) Architectural Drafting – A student learns to draw basic house plans (floor plans, elevations, sections, and details).  Basic house design is studied and the student is allowed to design a residence and/or build a model of the design if he or she specializes in the architectural area.  2) Machine Drafting – A student learns to draw detail and assembly drawings of machine parts.  Pictorial drawings enable a student to draw exploded assembly drawings and give a student a good background for technical illustration or commercial art.  3) 3D Drafting  – Students learn the value of 3D drawings and their applications in product design and other applications.  Students produce 3D drawings and learn rendering in AutoCad or other software programs as available.  School-to-Work provides students with on-the-job experience if the student meets requirements and if job sites are available.  Graduates are prepared as entry-level CAD operators.  Field trips and guest speakers are an important part of the class activity.  Second year of a two-year program.  (2 credits)

Prerequisite:  Drafting I and instructor's recommendation




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