The Cosmetology Program at the Barnwell County Career Center is designed to prepare a student for entry-level work in the profession and to qualify for licensing examinations.


The second-year Cosmetology
work very hard
preparing for the Practical
State Board Exam.




        Training in the art and science of the care and beautification of:

*   Care of Nails/ Care of the Skin

*   Manicures/Pedicures

*   Facials/Make-up Application/Hair Removal

*   Scalp Treatments

*   Chemical Waving

*   Chemical Relaxing

*   Hair Coloring

*   Hair Styling

*   Shampooing

*   Rinsing

*   Hair Shaping

*   Scalp

*   Massage

*   Salon Management



6150 Cosmetology I (Grade 11)

The cosmetology program is designed to prepare students to qualify for licensing examinations. Cosmetology students receive 1000 hours (total) training in the art and science of the care and beautification of hair, skin, and nails. The course of study includes scalp treatments, hair shaping, hair styling, setting, chemical waving, chemical relaxing, hair coloring, hair lightening, shampoos, and conditioning. Care of skin and nails includes manicuring, pedicuring, massage, facials, make-up application, and hair removal. Instruction in chemistry, bacteriology, and anatomy and physiology of the face, head, arms, and hands is incorporated by means of other theory and practical application on both mannequins and live models. Also included is salon planning and management.
NOTE: Students are required to pay a rental fee of $75.00 for a cosmetology kit. A white lab jacket is included in the kit. White leather shoes are also required, such as Reeboks or Nikes. No open-toed or open heel shoes will be allowed in the lab area (State Board of Cosmetology Law). Class sessions meet all day every other day. (4 credits)

Prerequisite: C average or better overall; good attendance record (each clock hour missed from this class will have to be made up); good behavior record

6151 Cosmetology II (Grade 12)

Cosmetology II is designed to teach students more advanced techniques in hair, skin, and nail care. Students will receive additional instruction in the application of shampooing, hair cutting, hair design, coloring, perming, manicuring, and skin care. Product knowledge will be integrated throughout this course to educate students on the current products available to them in the work place. Other aspects of this course covers salon management and human relations. Also, this course will focus on all phases of the cosmetology exam. Mock exams will be given to students to ensure success in the final Cosmetology State Board Exam. With the successful passing of the state board exam, students will receive a license to practice cosmetology. Class sessions meet all day every other day. NOTE: Students are required to purchase a cosmetology kit that ranges in cost from $100 to $150. A black lab jacket is included in the kit. White leather shoes are required. In order to get credit for Cosmetology II, students are required to take the Cosmetology State Board Exam. The cost for taking the exam is $110.00, set by the Cosmetology State Board and the Testing Provider Company. (4 credits)

Prerequisite: Cosmetology I and 500 clock hours of instruction; cosmetology instructor’s recommendation


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