The Welding Technology Program at the Barnwell County Career Center is designed to prepare students to perform entry-level welding tasks under the supervision of an experienced, certified welder. Practical experience is provided to the students through participation in special welding projects. The Welding Technology Program is a two-year program with the second-year students participating in the co-op program. Students can return for a third year and participate in the school-to-work program, gaining on the job training.



The Welding II students are arc welding on a pipe. Safety must come first -- note the eye protection.





During classroom instruction, math and reading a ruler are an important part of the Welding Technology Program.

These items were created by welding students using a plasma cutter machine.


WELDING  CURRICULUM training includes:

§ Mig
§ Tig
§ Flux core
§ Sub arc
§ Oxygen acetylene cutting
§ Plasma arc cutting
§ Air arc cutting
§ Shielded metal arc welding

§ Blueprint reading
§ Properties of metal
§ Safety
§ Design
§ Parts preparation
§ Problem solving
§ Math


6340 Welding Technology I (Grades 10, 11)

Students are provided the opportunity for instruction in AC and DC currents involved in electric welding. They learn the correct safety procedures for electric arc welding, gas welding, and oxygen acetylene cutting. Students also observe demonstrations in both arc and gas welding. Projects such as the building of stoves, trailers, etc., require actual participation in the lab area; and students use the skills they observe. Field trips and guest speakers are a regular part of the class activity. First year of a two-year program. (2 credits)

Prerequisite: Math for the Technologies I (or equivalent)

6341 Welding Technology II (Grades 11, 12)

A second-year student in welding is provided the opportunity for instruction in the use of the ruler, working with fractions, blueprint reading, welding symbols, and advanced studies of TIG and MIG welding. Classroom studies include demonstrations in electric arc, MIG, TIG, sub arc, oxygen acetylene cutting, plasma arc cutting, and air arc cutting. The student welds carbon, steel, aluminum, and stainless metals. He or she welds on-site or welds with a portable arc welder in the field. Metal fabrication is introduced through the various cutting techniques. The student obtains experience through project construction and field trips to industries. Second year of a two-year program. (2 credits)

Prerequisite: Welding Technology I and instructor’s recommendation


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