Computer Repair

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How often are you guilty of doing this ďatĒ your computer?

Like it can really hear you.








This type of frustration is usually caused by not understanding how a computer works or not knowing how to correct it when it does not work like it was intended to.Shortly after you begin classes, you learn how a computer functions and how to repair it when it breaks.Most problems with operating systems and software programs are USER generated.Not only will you have to pay someone to fix it for you but you will be without your computer for at least several days.This class can start you off in the very much in demand profession of PC Repair, get you the foundation for a career in Networking, or just save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars by doing your own repairs.The knowledge you get from this course will also enable you to buy the right equipment when it comes time to purchase your computers and printers.








5320†††† Computer Service and Repair I (Grades 9-12)

Personal computer (PC) support has evolved into one of the largest service industries in the world. The demand for skilled technicians to maintain, support, and upgrade PCs is ever growing.It is a rewarding and challenging career that can take you anywhere in the world.If you enjoy tinkering with PCs or have ever wondered how they work and what it takes to repair them, this course is for you.A good knowledge in PC technology will provide you with a base of knowledge that is necessary to continue into the advanced fields of networking and programming.With the successful completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and opportunity to take the CompTIA ( A+ certification exam.This certification is the industryís standard and required by almost every employer in the computer industry.A typical PC Maintenance Technician I working in the US earn a median base salary of $37,995, Tech II earns $46,706 and Tech III (based on four years experience) earns $53,291.†††† Meets every day (2 Credit)

Prerequisite:77 in Algebra I


5321 Computer Service and Repair II (Grades 10-12)

This second year course will focus mainly on troubleshooting and an introduction to networking.  Computers need repairing from time to time due to either hardware or software problems.  Once you determine it is a hardware problem, you simply replace the defective part and you are back in business.  Software problems, however, are much more difficult to remedy.  Microsoft has several different operating systems that are being used by consumers today and each system has itís own tools to assist the technician in diagnosing the problems.  The student will spend a great deal of time in the lab exploring these operating systems and using their tools to diagnose and repair computers.

Small-Office/Home-Office (SOHO) Network.  Computer technicians are being asked, not only to install networking in homes and small offices, but also to design the network.  The technician must know what type of hardware is available and their limitations.  Some factors to consider are:  type of media that will be used to connect the PCs together, manner in which the networked PCs will access the Internet, level of administration used to secure resources and data, and the method of security used to protect the network from intruders.Meets every day (2 Credit)

Prerequisite:80 in Computer Service and Repair I and Teacherís Recommendation


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Shouldnít this be the way you feel about your computing experiences.


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